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Valley Events have organised Craft and Gift events since 2015 at the Peveril Centre which is a working Methodist Church in Castleton, Derbyshire. Prior to starting Valley Events both Janet and I hired tables at many local events .This was to promote a product ,namely Forever Living Products which is based upon Aloe Vera. During the last five years we have met lots of wonderful people showcasing some fantastic products and most of those people live either in Sheffield or very close by. So when someone who we got to know suggested that we should consider organising events , and especially at the Peveril Centre . We felt that this was an opportunity that we embraced as a new challenge.


In order to consider this challenge further we looked at what we could offer and what we wanted to do with an event in Yorkshire .But primarily South Yorkshire because of its history of innovation and skills, which was primarily in the Mining, Steel and Engineering industry. So our initial feelings were to showcase all of the skills of this area.


The next thing was to ensure that whilst having enough tables this would not hinder access , egress or safety. Lastly we wanted quality of products without duplication . We felt that if we got this right, then we could introduce a quality event to the locality and more importantly to the people who embraced quality gifts that were unique.

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